An operating system for quantum computers

Cambridge spinout company Riverlane builds the operating system that will help transform quantum computers from today’s error-strewn machines with limited practical utility to a more scalable and reliable new class of computers capable of transforming industries like pharma, aerospace and clean energy. In 2021, Riverlane was awarded the first contract to supply quantum software to the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) in Harwell Oxford to help accelerate the UK’s development of quantum computing. The company also partners with industry leaders such as Astrazeneca, Rolls-Royce and Johnson Matthey, and many of the world’s leading quantum computing hardware makers. Quantum computing has the potential to capture nearly $700 billion in value as early as 2035, with that market estimated to exceed $90 billion annually by 2040 (McKinsey, June 2022). Riverlane was founded in 2016 with investment from Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Innovation Capital.

Added 9 November 2022